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Items We Buy

At East Coast Coins, we specialize in Newfoundland and Canadian Coins, Paper Money, Gold Jewelry and Royal Newfoundland Regiment Medals and Memorabilia but we buy much more and will pay the top prices of anyone in Newfoundland. Take a look at some of the other items we need for our thousands of customers. If you have any of the items on the list, give us a call and let us make you an offer, remember there's never any obligation to sell.


Newfoundland Revenue Stamps
Newfoundland Revenue Stamps
Newfoundland Cover (envelop) with stamp
Newfoundland covers
(envelopes with stamps on them)
  • Mint sheets of Newfoundland stamps
  • Newfoundland tobacco (cigarette) stamps
  • Old documents with NL stamps attached

Newfoundland Stamp Collections (Most of the stamps we see are quite common, many are just souvenirs that were taken off envelopes years ago. most of these have no real value however if you have a collection that was put together by a collector years ago and is housed in a nice stamp album, we'd love to take a look for you)

Newfoundland Merchant Script

  • James Baird Ltd.
    James Baird Ltd. Script
  • Archibald boot and shoe Factory
  • Betts Cove Mining Company
  • Bowring Brothers
  • John and Robert Brine
  • Grand River Pulp and Paper
  • Harbour Grace Boot and Shoe Factory
  • Shannon Livingston
  • Hemsley Williams Co.
  • Job Bros and Co. Ltd. Blanc Sablon
  • Thomas Kough & Co.
  • James Melledge
  • A.H. Murray
  • R.G. Reid (Railway)
  • Orr Newfoundland Company


  • NFLD Railway Memorabilia
  • Swarovski Crystal in original boxes
  • Pre 1949 Newfoundland Book collections
Old copy of Superman comic book
Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card
Pre 1949 Newfoundland Post Card
  • 1965 and earlier Comic Book Collections
  • 1960 and Earlier Sports Card Collections and key issues such as the Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card (pictured)
  • Hudson's Bay Co. notes/tokens
    Hudson Bay Company Note
  • Newfoundland Ration Books (Paying $10 each)
  • Pre 1949 Newfoundland Bottles
  • Pre 1949 NFLD Postcards
  • Pre Confederation Birth and Death Certificates
  • Pre Confederation Passports/Bankbooks

Paper Money

  • All Newfoundland Notes - Paying up to full catalogue
    Canadian 20 Dollar Bill
  • Commercial Bank of Newfoundland
  • Union Bank of Newfoundland
  • Government of Newfoundland Cash Notes
  • All Bank of Canada notes 1954 and back if in crisp condition
  • All 1954 Devil's Face notes
  • All Bank of Canada notes 1937 and back if in good condition
  • All Bank of Canada notes 1935 series in any condition
  • All Dominion of Canada notes
    Canadian 20 Dollar Bill
  • All Chartered Banknotes:
  • The Chartered banks all issued their own notes prior to 1940. We are strong buyers of these notes:
    • Bank of Nova Scotia
    • Bank of Toronto
    • Bank of Montreal
    • Royal Bank
    • All other chartered banknotes


  • World Gold Coins and Sets
  • Canadian Mint Products (especially prior to 1960)
  • All Newfoundland, Canada, USA collector coins
  • Newfoundland regiment medals and memorabilia
  • All silver coins

War Medals

  • Army gold cross
  • Army gold medal
  • Army general service medal
  • Army general service medal 1812, 1814
  • Naval service medal 1812, 1814
  • Queen's South Africa (1899 , 1900 on reverse)
  • 1914 Star
  • 1914-1915 star
  • Canadian Korean war medal
  • Victoria Cross awarded to a Canadian
  • Distinguished Service order
  • Order of St. Michael and St. George
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Air Force Cross
  • Air Force medal
  • Military Medal
  • British Empire Medal

If you are not sure which medals you have, drop us a line and we will be able to help)

Newfoundland Tokens

  • Rutherford Tokens
  • McAuslane Token
  • 1858 Sailing Ship
  • 1860 Fishery Rights to Newfoundland
  • All other pre-1920 Newfoundland Merchant Tokens

Sterling silver sets (not plated)

Sterling Silver Flatware
Sterling Silver Set

Silver and Gold bars

Gold Bars
Silver Bars