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Hi all,
Well its been a while since I entered any new info on my blog. Lots has been happening. Firstly, we were broken into on January 6th, then again on January 10th when they went off with our safe. A week ago, on January 4th, they caught the robber ( there had to be more than 1 in my opinion). At least they got one of them. Today, I went to the police station and went through everything that was recovered and to my dismay, only a small portion was seized from the robber. He appeared in court last week and was released on court imposed conditions (so he can do more robberies while he is waiting for court next month I guess). You can see a pic if you check out CBC Here and Now website and search under coin robbery. All the bullion related coins and high end ICCS are missing, there were Maple Leafs, Cougars, Polar Bears, Moose Maples, Canada $20 coins etc. all gone. Since the robbery, we`ve beefed up our already tight security quite a bit and are open again for business.
I would like to thank the entire coin community for helping out. I know the news was plastered all over the coin forums and every time any coins fitting my descriptions showed up, I was receiving tips from the community. I am very grateful for that.

Its been a busy month. Last Monday, February 4th marked the end of the penny. I did several media appearances regarding the end of our 154 year love/ hate relationship with the cent. Lots of people are hoarding but don’t hold your breath waiting for price increases. I’m still sitting on original mint sealed bags of 10,000 1960 cents and there’s no increases on the horizon 53 years later. If you’re going to put anything away, buy a few rolls of 2012 steel cents – these appear much scarcer than the 2012 zinc issues. (Just use your magnet to tell the difference in the two).
Well, looking forward, we are off to Torex next week – we won’t be set up but will be buying from the floor and from our hotel. If you have items to sell especially NFLD material, we are looking to restock.
We have our website set up now for twitter – so feel free to click on the link and follow us. I’ll be posting tweets for exciting new purchases, auction results live from the bidding floor and give updates on our eBay sites.
Speaking of eBay, many of you have been in touch asking why our ECC36 site is down. Well, after the robbery, we had most of our eBay inventory stolen. We are scheduled to relaunch the site on February 18th. New items will be listed on a regular basis after that date. Our “rodod” site is operating as usual. Lots of new collectors coming in the doors these days. We purchased some exciting items including some nice NFLD halves and quarters. They are at ICCS getting graded.
Will be posting some tweets from the floor at Torex and will give an update on the auction and show when I get back. If you are in St.john’s drop by for a chat and view our inventory. We are now open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.


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