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Hi all,
Well its been a while since I entered any new info on my blog. Lots has been happening. Firstly, we were broken into on January 6th, then again on January 10th when they went off with our safe. A week ago, on January 4th, they caught the robber ( there had to be more than 1 in my opinion). At least they got one of them. Today, I went to the police station and went through everything that was recovered and to my dismay, only a small portion was seized from the robber. He appeared in court last week and was released on court imposed conditions (so he can do more robberies while he is waiting for court next month I guess). You can see a pic if you check out CBC Here and Now website and search under coin robbery. All the bullion related coins and high end ICCS are missing, there were Maple Leafs, Cougars, Polar Bears, Moose Maples, Canada $20 coins etc. all gone. Since the robbery, we`ve beefed up our already tight security quite a bit and are open again for business.
I would like to thank the entire coin community for helping out. I know the news was plastered all over the coin forums and every time any coins fitting my descriptions showed up, I was receiving tips from the community. I am very grateful for that.



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Hi Folks,
We have had some nice new acquisitions this week. We picked up 4 1954 Devils face $1000s unfortunately all have small degrees of writing on them. We also have some modified notes in AU UNC from the same series. Also have 2 Newfoundland 1880 $2 golds , one in AU and another in AU55 – both are PCGS certified. On the bullion front, we have some 100 oz, 10 oz, 5 oz and 1 oz bars in stock. Maples are pretty much dried up for now.
Another case of seller beware, had a gentleman in the store this week who sold us some .9805 oz gold 1915 Austrian 100 Koronas who said he brought them to a travelling group at a local hotel (I won’t mention names here), the same group were advertising that they were paying $1700 per ounce and they offered him $800 per coin, he was smart enough to have done his research before selling and promptly left without showing these guys the rest of the items he had to sell. We bought them from him working on a 5 % margin. Every day we are getting stories like this from people who are being offered insulting amounts for their valuables. I understand that the rule of retail is to double your money but in the bullion business miniscule margins are the norm. Folks do your research before you sell.
Torex is in 2 weeks at Toronto Hilton Airport, if you have items to sell be sure to look us up.
Till next time,



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This is a good one! Just last week, I received an email from a guy named Alex in Argentina who claimed he was selling his banknote collection which had attached a complete list of rare notes:
“My name is Alex
Im a collector of an Old and rares Worldwide Paper Money, I decide to sell part of my collection, i have available for offert you:
Union Bank of Newfoundland
India Princely States Hyderabad, Gwalior, Bundi, Portuguese india
China Dinasty and Provincial, Tibet.
Southamerica Colonial Currency,
Japanese Monarchy,




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Just back from 2 days of setting up at the Clarenville Inn in Clarenville and a break-even trip at best. We did buy 3 vintage 20 ounce silver bars a couple of Olympic sets and a few American $5 golds. Best item purchased was a 1912 Bank of Nova Scotia $5 note in VF condition , I have only seen a couple of these offered for sale in the last 5 years. We have it listed on eBay right now. I`m starting to think that the days of setting up at Hotels to buy coins and collectibles has run its course for a few years. It’s a classic case of too many people getting into the market. This Fall, in St. John`s alone there has been gold buyer after gold buyer setting up and the Canadian Coin Association, just left town after being set up for a full month, now we have the Great Canadian Roadshow back (I think these are the same group). You know its getting glutted when you see your local convenience stores and the local fish and chip stands buying gold. I actually find business improves when the mainland companies are in town because people dig their coins out and many insist on getting a couple of different quotes before selling. I`ve never had anyone leave the store with their coins after having an offer from these travelling mainland shows – their costs are just too high so they need to work with huge margins – we don`t.


No Great Finds in CBS

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Just back from a 4 day buying trip in CBS. Nothing in terms of collector coins showed up, just the usual scrap gold and silver. Got a couple of 10 ounce bars of silver and a 5 ouncer along with a few gold coins. On a positive note, just got an 1888 $2 back from ICCS in MS64 (spoken for) and a 1967 Silver dollar in MS65. Getting lots of entries for the monthly draw, Will be drawing for a 2012 i ounce silver maple leaf in 2 weeks. All you gotta do is enter your email on the home page, its designed so that each email is only entered once. Nice try guys! Back in the store tomorrow – expecting to do some buying – stay tuned.



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Drives me nuts! You do everything you can to ensure excellent customer service and then a person new to ebay who just doesn’t understand how eBay works puts a blemish on your record. This week after and excellent run of about 700 positive feedbacks, I get 3 neutrals from a guy who by his own admission liked the coins but decided that because I didn’t contact him to let him know his coins were shipped (he received them 4 business days after his payment was received), that he was going to leave me three neutrals. His overall feedback score was 10. I’ve been dealing with eBay for a long time and am feeling that until new users get a feedback rating of say 50 or so, they shouldn’t have the right to leave neutral or negative comments. I know far too many sellers who are scared to death of getting a negative that they will do almost anything to protect their perfect records. I see it as feedback extortion and it should stop. In every case that I’ve ever received less than positive feedback, its been from someone who just doesn’t know how the system works. For all you users who are doing what you can to keep that 100% positive rating, sooner or later something will get lost in the mail or someone won’t get your emails or someone might just be having a bad day and your perfect record might end – its not your fault. When you have hundreds if not thousands of positive comments from satisfied customers and one user leaves you a negative, do what my friend always tells me – consider the source then ignore it.



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Gonna be a busy weekend! We are setting up at Hotel Bay Roberts tomorrow (September 14th) and Saturday and then we are off to Fongs hotel in Carbonear for Sunday and Monday. Silver and gold are soaring this week so hopefully people are in teh mood to sell. Hope to see you there.



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Newfoundland Hoards drying up
Rod O’Driscoll

For many years I’ve had a keen interest in collecting Newfoundland coins. Since being a teenager I’ve been purchasing collections in and around St.John’s and throughout the island portion of the province. In this article I’d like to share my first hand experience of Newfoundland Coin Hoards past and present.